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Recycle Appliances

We recycle all types of residential appliances, from large appliances like fridges and stoves to the smaller hand held appliances and tools at all of our Regional Recycling locations. If it plugs in or is mostly made out of metal, we can recycle it for you!

Welcome to your easy E-waste solution

If it has a battery, plugs-in, winds up, or is mostly made of metal, we can recycle it! Bring them down for safe handling. If your item still works and could be used again, but you're just looking to get rid of it, we highly recommend donating it to your favourite charity or community group like Free Geek Vancouver.

  • Air conditioners
  • Barbeque
  • Blenders
  • Bread makers
  • Buffet warmer trays
  • Can Openers
  • Cappuccino/ Espresso makers
  • Chocolate fountains
  • Coffee Grinders
  • Cooking Appliances
  • Coffee urns
  • Contact grills
  • Countertop ovens
  • Countertop rotisserie ovens
  • Crème brule makers
  • Deep fryers
  • Dishwashers *
  • Double burners
  • Drip coffee makers
  • Egg cookers
  • Electrical knife sharpener
  • Fondue pots
  • Food bag sealers
  • Food dehydrator
  • Food steamers
  • Fry pan/griddles
  • Gelato Maker
  • Hand mixers
  • Heating coil
  • Hot beverage makers
  • Hot air corn poppers
  • Hot plates
  • Juice extractors
  • Juicers
  • Kettles
  • Knives
  • Laundry Appliances
  • Microwave
  • Mini hot dog rollers
  • Mixers and Food Processors
  • Panini press
  • Pasta makers
  • Percolators
  • Pod coffee makers
  • Portable stoves
  • Potato Peeler
  • Pressure cookers
  • Refrigeration Appliances
  • Rice cookers
  • Salt and Pepper Mill
  • Sandwich makers
  • Slow cookers
  • Soup makers
  • Spice Grinders
  • Tabletop grills
  • Tea makers
  • Toaster
  • Toaster Oven
  • Waffle irons
  • Wine Bottle Openers
  • Woks
  • Yogurt makers
  • Refrigerators *
  • Hot water tanks*
  • And more!

Recycle Appliances For FREE

Recycling Appliances
Recycle Appliances
Coffee Machine
Appliance Recycling
Deep Fryer
recycle Desk Fan
Desk Fan
Recycle Dish Washer
recycle egg beater
Egg Beater
Recycle Espresso Machine
Espresso Machine
Recycle Fridge
Fridge *
Recycle Furnace
Recycle Heat Pump
Heat Pump
Recycle Hot Plate
Hot Plate
Recycle hot water tank
Hot Water Tank *
Recycle laundry dryer
Laundry Dryer
Recycle Mixer
Recycle Mixer
Recycle Portable Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner
recycle Rice Cooker
Rice Cooker
Recycle Stove
Recycle Toaster
Recycle Toaster Oven Microwave
Toaster Oven /
Recycle Washing Machine
Washing Machine

* Regional Recycling Whistler doesn't accept refrigerators, dishwashers or hot water tanks. Take these items to the Callahan Transfer Station.