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Encorps Return It To Win Contest

Every time you return your empties from June 16, through September 15, you will receive a Return-It to Win-It scratch ticket. Follow the instructions carefully because each ticket has 2 ways to win.

You can scratch your way to $25,000 cash or one of 5,000 gift cards! Match 3 of a kind and instantly win. Enter your PIN online for a chance to win even more prizes. The more PINs you enter, the better your chances to win! For complete contest details visit Encorp's Return It To Win contest page

It Pays To Recycle

Too many beverage containers lying around? Our Regional Recycling bottle depots provide a clean and simple solution for you to return your empties for a FULL REFUND. We pay a full 10¢ deposit on beer empties. All of our bottle depots provide lots of parking space & carts to sort your empties efficiently. By working together to recycle our beverage containers we’ve saved enough energy to power 40,953 homes for a year. Come down to Regional Recycling - Your one stop recycling shop.

Full Deposit On All Beverage Containers

recycling milk products
0 ¢
Non Deposit Containers*
All Sizes
recycle beverage containers full deposit
5 ¢
Small Drink Containers
Under 1 Liter
recycling beer wine alcohol containers full deposit
10 ¢
Alcohol Containers
Under 1 Liter
recycling beer wine alcohol containers full deposit
20 ¢
Large Containers
Over 1 Liter

* No deposit is paid at the store for these items so we're unable to provide a refund.

Drop off your recyclables at one of our 8 convenient locations.

bottle depot bottle recycling

Learn How Plastic Is Recycled

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