7 Earth Day Events in BC 2023

7 Earth Day Events in BC

Family fun activities that inform and entertain for Earth Day 2023


Nadine |

April 22, 2023

How are you and your family celebrating Earth Day? Here are six fun activities across BC to choose from!

Donate Items That Are Still In Good Condition
Donate Items That Are Still In Good Condition

Earth Day Clean-Up: The Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-Up is a national initiative annually on Earth Day. Volunteers across British Columbia will join this initiative to clean up shorelines, riverbanks, and other natural areas. This year, with safety protocols in place, the event is expected to draw a large turnout of volunteers looking to impact the environment positively.

Virtual Earth Day Celebrations: Due to the ongoing pandemic, many organizations are hosting virtual Earth Day events. The Vancouver Aquarium is organizing a virtual event that includes a virtual tour of the aquarium, live webinars, and workshops on topics such as sustainable seafood, climate change, and marine conservation.

BC Environmental Film Festival Society: This Free Film Festival is hosting the 10th anniversary of @canfilmday on Thursday, April 20th. This event is free, be sure to follow this link to get your ticket before they are gone.

Earth Day Art Exhibition: The Haida Gwaii Museum is hosting an Earth Day Art Exhibition from April 22 to May 22. The exhibition features local artists’ artwork that addresses environmental issues and showcases the beauty of nature.

Earth Day Workshops: The Surrey Nature Centre is hosting online workshops on April 22nd and beyond that include hands-on activities, presentations, and discussions on topics such as composting, gardening, and sustainable living. The workshops are aimed at people of all ages and will provide practical tips and advice on leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

Earth Day Festivals: Several communities across British Columbia are hosting Earth Day festivals that include educational booths, live music, food vendors, and inter active activities, such as the Trout Lake Earth Day Volunteer Event. Get your free tickets here.

ECOFARM FEST 2023: This event is happening on April 22nd at the EcoDairy, soon to be rebranded EcoFarm in Abbotsford. Families are invited to join in for a fun, affordable day of learning and experiencing farming and food. There will be food (breakfast and lunch) and fun activities all for $5 each!

Earth Day is an important day to raise awareness and promote sustainable practices. Whether you attend an event or celebrate at home, every small action makes a difference. Remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle however you can this week and every week.




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