Circular Economy Month

Embracing Circular Economy:
A Month-Long Journey

An important part of the mission of our BC Bottle Depots and dedicated teams.


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October 18, 2023
At the heart of Circular Economy Month, Canada resonates with the principles of Communication, Community, and Conservation. The genesis of this movement dates back to 2001 with the initiation of Waste Reduction Week, an impactful endeavour focusing on educating and inspiring Canadians to reshape their waste habits, advocating recycling, upcycling, and a conscientious demand for sustainable products.
Regional Recycling Making Recycling Easy
Regional Recycling Making Recycling Easy

Unveiling the Essence of Circular Economy

Expanding from a week to the entirety of October, Circular Economy Month stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainability. If the term “circular economy” seems unfamiliar, fret not. Its recent introduction to mainstream discourse doesn’t diminish the likelihood that you’re already embodying its principles.

At its core, a circular economy aims to stem the flow of materials to landfills by fostering conscious consumer choices. It encourages collaboration to recycle, repair, and upcycle as many consumables as possible. We encourage these practices every day by offering our customers recycling at our bottle depots, scrap metal recycling, appliance recycling, battery recycling, bottle drives, and much more.

A Thematic Journey Through Circular Economy Month

Each week of Circular Economy Month unfolds with a unique theme:

WEEK 1 (OCT 1-9):
Introducing the Circular Economy

A deep dive into understanding the core principles and practices of the circular economy.

WEEK 2 (OCT 10-16):
Environmental Benefits

Exploring the positive impacts on oceans, freshwater, biodiversity, climate change mitigation, carbon emissions reduction, water conservation, and the embrace of reuse.

WEEK 3 (OCT 17-23):
Celebrating Waste Reduction Week!

A celebration focused on understanding and addressing waste reduction in specific streams, such as textiles, e-waste, plastics, and food waste.

WEEK 4 (OCT 24-31):
Social & Economic Benefits

Exploring the broader benefits, including innovation, job and skills creation, economic savings, driving the local economy, and fostering community engagement.

For more about the Circular Economy in Canada, visit this website.

Tale of Sustainability
Tale of Sustainability

A Tale of Sustainability

In the traditional linear economy, as children grow, parents often rush to buy new clothes, toys, and exercise equipment. However, the circular economy suggests a different approach. Instead of hastily acquiring new items, parents can turn to their community. Imagine a parent purchasing a used swing set from another family and passing on their outgrown toys to another family, perpetuating this cycle as long as the items remain usable. When their life concludes, these items can be responsibly recycled, giving their materials a new purpose.

Navigating the Complexity
Navigating the Complexity

Navigating the Complexity

Moving beyond the simplicity of upcycling items, the circular economy extends to more intricate practices such as:

Smart Purchases: Opting for products, including perishables, packaged in materials that are reusable or recyclable.

Ethical Consumerism: Choosing to buy exclusively from eco-friendly and socially responsible companies.

Voice for Change: Using your votes to elect a government committed to prioritizing the climate crisis and holding corporations accountable for their environmental impact.

While each Canadian household can contribute significantly by recycling, upcycling, and reducing single-use items, the broader transformation necessitates Canadians demanding more from the companies they support. The call is for products designed for longevity and crafted from materials amenable to recycling or reuse.

The circular economy is a big concept, but one that we can accomplish if we all work together.

Thanks for being a part of the solution!



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