Revolutionizing Community Fundraising: Bottle Drives Made Simple

Revolutionizing Community Fundraising: Bottle Drives made simple

Our local bottle depots are here to support your next fundraiser.


Nadine |

February 29, 2024

In the world of community fundraising, few initiatives have stood the test of time like the classic bottle drive. For decades, communities have come together, collecting recyclable containers to raise funds for a variety of causes, from school programs to charitable organizations. However, the world and the needs of the community have transformed over the years, so the bottle drive options we offer have evolved to meet those needs.

A Fresh Take On Bottle Drives
Eco Friendly Wrapping

Revamping the Way We Fundraise: A Fresh Take on Bottle Drives

Okay, let’s talk fundraising, but not the old-school, time-consuming way. We’re all about keeping it easy and fun. Enter the new-age bottle drive, courtesy of Regional Recycling. We’re flipping the script, making the classic bottle drive cool again and giving the community a chance to raise funds without the hassle.

No Sort Bottle Drive: Because Sorting is So 2001

Sorting bottles is so 2001. With Regional Recycling’s No Sort Bottle Drive, you can kiss goodbye to the tedious task of organizing recyclable beverage containers. It’s all about efficiency here.
Put all the containers in see-through plastic bags, and we’ll sort them for you. Then, your funds will be deposited into your Depozip & FastDrop web app account after they are processed. Bags and other bottle drive supplies can even be provided. Contact us to learn more.

Fast Drop Fundraiser: Drop, Earn, Repeat

Want to keep it simple? The Fast Drop Fundraiser is where it’s at. Just bring your containers to any Regional Recycling spot, and you get a full refund. No sorting, no fuss. Create an account, and your supporters can drop off containers independently, with all deposits going straight into the fundraising account. And with weekly payouts via electronic transfer, you’ll have a steady flow of cash for your initiatives.

Fast Drop Fundraiser Drop Earn Repeat
Fast Drop Fundraiser Drop Earn Repeat

Full Sort Bottle Drive: Tradition with a Modern Twist

If you’re into the traditional vibe but want to speed things up, go for the Full Sort Bottle Drive. You get full refunds on all containers and an extra 5% bonus; contact us to learn how. Talk about maximizing your earnings!

Say goodbye to the old and hello to the new era of community fundraising. Regional Recycling is changing the game, offering flexible fundraising options for every community. Whether you’re all about speed, simplicity, or the traditional way, we’ve got you covered.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a chore. It’s time to make an impact, one recyclable container at a time. Regional Recycling is here to show you how. Let’s revamp the way we fundraise and make it fast, convenient, and enjoyable for everyone.

Looking for more ways to raise funds? Apply to become our next Charity of the Month.



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