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Why BC businesses are choosing to make money by recycling.


Nadine |

January 28, 2023
Businesses often review their spending habits at the start of the new year, determining whether to save money on office supplies or if travel expenses can be cut back. If saving money is one of your company’s goals this year, let us propose a slightly different approach. What if you could make money by disposing of your recyclables instead of paying a company to pick them up?
Why BC businesses are choosing to make money by recycling
Why BC businesses are choosing to make money by recycling

Imagine sitting in your next company meeting, listening to all the proposed ways to save money, and it comes to your turn. Your proposal will include something other than taking away the snack cupboard or decreasing the quality of the paper you use, your proposal will ask for absolutely no sacrifice from your team whatsoever.

Instead, you’ll ask the team to continue to do exactly what they are already doing but just stop paying for it. That’s right. Tell the team that by simply recycling their beverage containers, they will be able to make money for the company. It’s 2023, and we’re going to assume that your team already recycles. Now, your company can earn money from your actions instead of paying a company to come and pick up your empties.

Depozip will pick up your recyclable beverage containers at a time that is convenient for your company and will pay 7 cents per container back to you. It’s free and easy to set up an account. You can accumulate your returns in your account and e-transfer the balance to your company bank account after you’ve saved only $25. Many companies choose to leave the savings in the account and use it for something fun, like a team activity or party.

Ready to be the person at the table with the great proposal that asks nothing of your team and ultimately benefits them? The only “work” you’ll have to put in is to cancel the service you’re already paying for this service. Set up your free Depozip account today! Regional Recycling Regional Recycling

Depozip collects the following containers:

Aluminum Cans
Water Bottles
Juice Containers
Pop Containers
Dairy Milk Containers
Plant-based Milk Containers
Plastic Beverage Bottles

Do you need another good reason? What if we told you that over 1 Million containers go missing in BC each day? These end up in landfills, streams, parks, and the ocean. Let’s work together to reduce this number and preserve BC’s beautiful nature for generations to come.

For more information about Depozip, visit our website. Thank you, and let us help you be a rockstar at your next meeting!



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