What is your family saving for?

What is your family saving for?

How BC Families are recycling their way to new experiences.


Nadine |

February 27, 2023

What new adventures do you want to take your family on this year?

With everything getting more expensive, you can offset the cost by earning money from your recyclable items! You may know that you can make money from your recyclable beverage containers, but did you also know you can earn from various items around your home?

Earn With Beverage Containers
Why BC businesses are choosing to make money by recycling

Earn with beverage containers.

This is our most popular way to earn money. You can now get 10 cents per recyclable beverage container that you sort and drop off at any of our depots. This includes milk jugs, tetra packs, alcohol, drink containers, and more!

Visit this link to learn how much you can earn for each type of container.

Bottle Drives are another popular option. Did you know that you can donate and collect donations for bottle drives via our Depozip and Fast Drop web app?!

Speaking of Depozip and FastDrop, you can earn seven or more cents per container depending on your selected service. Enjoy the convenience of dropping off unsorted containers or having them picked up from your home.

With the web app, you can store your savings in your account until you’re ready to use it!

Other ways to earn.

You also have other items at home that can earn you money, such as scrap metal or car batteries. There are items that you may have yet to think of, like old copper items, old piping, metal swing set, bikes, cutlery, and more. Have a look around, and you could turn your old stuff into cash!

We pay for non-ferrous scrap metal. Please visit our Scrap Metal page for more details about which of our locations accept scrap metals and which items can put cash in your pocket.

Time for family adventures
Time for family adventures

Time for family adventures!

What will you do with all those earnings? Many BC families save up for their next vacation, like a camping trip to Golden Ears Park. Or choose a single-day adventure like Capilano Suspension Bridge, Richmond Night Market, or biking through Stanley Park.

What will your family do with all your earnings?!




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