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Embracing Green Celebrations: A Sustainable Fall & Winter Holiday Season

Tips from your local bottle depot about reducing waste while celebrating.


Nadine |

September 26, 2023
The fall & winter holiday season is a time of joy, togetherness, and celebration. Whether you’re gathering around the Thanksgiving table, lighting the menorah for Hanukkah, or decorating the Christmas tree, these cherished traditions bring warmth to our hearts during the coldest months of the year. However, it’s also a time when our carbon footprint tends to grow significantly. This year, let’s explore ways to celebrate sustainably, making our holidays greener without sacrificing the joy and meaning they bring.
Consider using reusable or natural decoration
Consider using reusable or natural decoration

1. Eco-Friendly Decorations

Transforming your home into a festive gathering place doesn’t have to mean sacrificing sustainability. Consider using reusable or natural decorations like pumpkins, pinecones, holly branches, and homemade wreaths. Opt for LED lights, which are energy-efficient, and set them on timers to avoid excessive electricity consumption. Additionally, rather than buying new ornaments, cherish the sentimental value of family heirlooms and handmade decorations.

2. Mindful Gift-Giving

Choosing meaningful and sustainable gifts can make a significant difference during the holiday season. Consider giving experiences instead of material items—gift certificates for spa days, cooking classes, or tickets to concerts or sporting events. If you prefer physical gifts, look for eco-friendly, locally made, or upcycled products. Avoid excessive packaging and opt for reusable gift wraps, like cloth bags or scarves.

3. Conscious Food Choices

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other winter holidays often revolve around delicious feasts. Reduce your environmental impact by choosing locally sourced, organic ingredients for your meals. Plan your menu carefully to minimize food waste, and consider donating excess food to local shelters. While shopping, look for food packaged in recyclable containers such as cans, bottles, and tetra packs. These items can even be placed in your next Depozip pick-up!

4. Energy-Efficient Celebrations

Save energy while creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. Use programmable thermostats to regulate the temperature efficiently. Encourage guests to carpool or use public transportation if they can. When hosting gatherings, turn off lights and electronics when not in use, and use candles or LED candles for ambiance.

5. Sustainable Wrapping

The excitement of unwrapping gifts is a beloved holiday tradition. However, the mountains of discarded wrapping paper contribute to excess waste. Consider alternatives like wrapping gifts in newspapers, reusable fabric, or even old maps. Encourage your family and friends to save and reuse gift wraps and gift bags. Please keep in mind that any wrapping paper with glitter or shimmer cannot be recycled.

Holiday are also a time to give back to those in need
Holiday are also a time to give back to those in need

6. Charitable Giving

Remember that the holidays are also a time to give back to those in need. Instead of exchanging traditional gifts with family and friends, consider pooling your resources and making a charitable donation to a cause that resonates with your group. Giving to those less fortunate can be a profound way to spread holiday cheer. Keep an eye out for our Charity of the Month donation bins located in our bottle depots!

7. DIY Crafts and Gifts

Tap into your creative side and make your own holiday decorations, cards, and gifts. Homemade crafts and presents add a personal touch to your celebrations and often involve reusing materials you already have at home.

8. Support Local Businesses

Shopping locally supports your community and reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance shipping. Explore local boutiques, markets, and artisans for unique, eco-friendly gift options.

9. Help make recycling simple for your guests.

When hosting, set out bins or bags that your guests can use to sort their recyclables from the garbage. This simplifies clean-up, and you can have your return ready to go to the bottle depot or be picked up by Depozip!

10. Educate and Inspire

Share your commitment to a greener holiday season with your family and friends. Lead by example and inspire others to make sustainable choices. Hosting eco-friendly celebrations can spark meaningful conversations about the importance of environmental responsibility.

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