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Green Holiday Decorations & Celebrations

How to stay eco-friendly while decorating and celebrating during the holidays.


Nadine |

December 23, 2022

It’s so fun to decorate your home for the holidays. All the pretty lights, bright colours, and festive decor can change the whole feel of your home. For many families decorating is a cherished tradition. However, this time of year can create an abundance of waste. Here are a few tips for staying green while decorating and celebrating this holiday season.

Skip the garland and Tinsel

Instead, opt for a homemade popcorn garland. Start by popping a big batch of popcorn, without any toppings. Use loose kernels, instead of a microwave bag for this craft. Then, once they’ve cooled, a simple needle and thread is all you need to create unique and beautiful garland for your tree and home. This is also a great way to keep the kids busy for a couple of hours!

Use reusable water bottles
Use reusable water bottles

Recycled and upcycled wrapping

The sparkling and shimmering wrapping paper is fun and festive, but it can wreak havoc on the environment. Did you know that wrapping paper with these elements cannot be recycled? Instead, choose wrapping paper that is 100% paper or better yet, 100% recycled paper. Or pull out those old Christmas bags and keep reusing them each year and you could skip being a part of the consumer cycle altogether!

Choose natural elements

Want to feel like your Christmas is set in the old’n days? Use evergreen branches and dried fruit to decorate your home. It’s 100% compostable and can be free if you collect it from your own yard. Didn’t your trees need a bit of pruning anyways?! Your home will look and smell amazing.

No more single use plastics
Set up for kinds

Batteries not included

There are so many fun toys that are powered by batteries. Or perhaps you set up your old train set around your Christmas tree. When your batteries die, don’t throw them out. Batteries can be recycled. Larger batteries, such as those that goes into a car can even earn you cash!

Save more money by Recycling
Save more money by Recycling

Having guests over

While we can’t control what our guests bring with them, we can be ready to make sure that we are recycling all that we can. If you’re hosting a holiday gathering be sure to put your recycling containers in plain sight. Guests will be happy to dispose of their containers, papers, and plastics in the appropriate receptacles if it’s convenient for them. Plus, after the party you can make your life simple by organizing a Depozip pick up. You’ll earn 7 cents per recyclable beverage container without even leaving your home!


Happy holiday to you and your families from all of us at Regional Recycling!

**Please note that our depots can no longer accept paper for recycling. Thank you for your understanding.



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