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July 16, 2022

Regional Recycling is committed to giving back to the community. We love supporting local charities via our donation boxes, fundraisers, and donation options via bottle drives, Fast Drop, and Depozip. Our team is constantly working on how we can support more local charities. We now have three simple streams of donation collection set up online and within our depots!

Small Businesses are the heartbeat of British Columbia
Small Businesses are the heartbeat of British Columbia

Local Heros

With 8 locations in British Columbia, we feel blessed to be a part of such a wide range of inspiring communities. All around us, we see organizations, local leaders, and young people stepping up and giving back to their communities. We have had the immense pleasure of helping to facilitate some of these fundraising efforts. Some of these local organizations and events include Canucks Autism Network, Backpack Buddies, local schools, multiple youth sports teams, and many more!

Earn Money Recycling Scrap Metals
Earn Money Recycling Scrap Metals

Bottle Drives

With Bottle drives, we offer two ways to support fundraising efforts from local charities. The first option is that organizations can set up a donation account for their cause. Then, anyone can simply drop off their empties at the depot and let us know they’d like their bottle return donated to that campaign.

The other is to have our team support your bottle drive. Our team of professionals will assist you by setting up your donation account, providing safety supplies, and sharing tips with your fundraising team. Read on to learn how organizations utilize our convenient services to assist with their bottle drives.

Earn Easy Money While Protecting the planet
Earn Easy Money While Protecting the planet

FastDrop & Depozip Accounts

The FastDrop & Depozip web app offers a simple way to donate returns to an ongoing list of charitable causes. When setting up your return, you’ll be asked if you’d like a cash return or if you’d like to donate your return. Just select Donate To Fundraiser for Depozip, and you’ll see a list of charities to choose from, or let your FastDrop attendant know, and they’ll take care of it for you. Alternatively, you can set up a Depozip pick-up of your unsorted Bottle Drive collections to save your team the trip to the depot.

You can also set up your own donation account within your FastDrop and Depozip accounts. Contact our team to set up an account that everyone can donate to!

Backpack Buddies Donation Bins

You may have noticed the donation bins set up at the entrances of our depots. These bins are currently set up to collect donations for a charity that is very special to us. Backpack Buddies is a local charity that helps feed hungry children outside traditional school lunch and breakfast programs. Instead, they provide bags of food for school children to take home and use for their meals in the evenings and weekends. They have partnered with BC schools to take a collaborative approach to feed hungry children. If you’d like to help this great cause, simply drop off your bag of empties in one of these bins, and we’ll donate your bottle return to help feed hungry kids!

Earn Easy Money While Protecting the planet

Giving back made easy

With these new donation channels we have been able to add, we are happy to report an ongoing increase in money being raised for great local causes. None of this is made possible without the incredible people in our community. Thank you to everyone for your generous support and for helping lift up our BC communities!

The Regional Recycling Team

Earn Easy Money While Protecting the planet


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