Quikcount Less Sorting Faster Cash Recycling Goes Full Turbo

Recycling at Warp Speed:
Introducing Quikcount


Nadine |

May 19, 2023

Boost Your Earnings with Our Revolutionary High-Speed Counting System

Recycling has just hit the fast lane with the introduction of Quikcount, a groundbreaking High-Speed Counting System that can process hundreds of cans per minute. Imagine witnessing your empty beverage containers whizzing along automated tracks, swiftly making their way to their final destination, reminiscent of a Formula 1 race car on a track.

Quikcount Boost Your Earnings
Quikcount Boost Your Earnings

Regional Recycling has partnered with Anker Andersen, a Danish manufacturer renowned for its precision engineering, to bring Quikcount Systems to Richmond, Abbotsford, and Vancouver.

Fast Technology, Fast Returns

These state-of-the-art machines are designed to sort your beverage containers at lightning speeds, processing hundreds of items per minute. This means you can bring in your bags of unsorted recyclable beverage containers, including pop cans, beer cans, and plastic bottles up to 1 litre, and witness them being deposited directly into the Quikcount System. No glass is permitted; please do not add any glass containers to your Quikcount bags.

The containers are instantly sorted and counted, allowing you to calculate your return on the spot. No more waiting for your cash; you can leave the depot with your earnings the same day!

Quikcount speedy recycling speedy returns
Quikcount Speedy Recycling Speedy Returns

Saving Time and Earning Cash

Quikcount doesn’t just revolutionize recycling; it also saves you precious time. With each visit to our depots, you can experience the convenience of fast processing. By allowing our staff to feed your mixed containers into the Quikcount System, you can sit back and watch as they are swiftly sorted and counted. This time-saving solution means fewer trips to the depot, allowing you to maximize your productivity.

Estimates indicate that customers could reduce their time spent at the depot by up to 30%. This not only benefits you but also has a positive impact on the community. Reduced time at the depot means less traffic in parking lots, leading to decreased engine idling and smoother traffic flows. By choosing Quikcount, you’re not only earning faster returns but also actively contributing to a greener neighbourhood.

Quikcount is revolutionizing the recycling landscape, turbocharging the process and offering a cutting-edge in-depot recycling experience. Regional Recycling is proud to bring this hot new technology to a depot near you. Whether you choose to recycle at our depots or through our innovative FastDrop and Depozip services, our dedicated teams are ready to assist you.




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