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November 17, 2022
We’re here to make your recycling as fast and easy as possible. The more you earn, the more we all protect the planet. That’s why we’ve launched QuikCount, BC’s fastest recycling service! Available at three of our locations, Abbotsford, Richmond, and Vancouver, this new service can count 100s of recyclable containers per minute!
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Donate Items That Are Still In Good Condition
To best serve our customers, we are providing FREE QuikCount ReUseable Bags. Come to one of our Abbotsford or Vancouver locations and get your free bag. Each bag is made of durable Polypropylene woven fabric, so they are sturdy and can stand up to repeated use.

These convenient black bags come in two sizes, 120L or 272L, with a zipper top or open top. We have ordered 10,000 but are expecting them to go fast! Customers will be able to choose a size that works in their space. Such as a tall bag for a storage closet or a large bag in the garage. All your recyclable beverage containers can be easily stored until your next trip to the depot. Plus, these bags are easy to clean; just spray them out with the hose or in your shower.

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Donate Items That Are Still In Good Condition

Take your first bag home with you, and when you fill it up and bring it into our depot, we’ll send you home with two bags that day!

QuikCount has now launched at our Abbotsford, Richmond, and Vancouver locations. FREE bags are available only at our Abbotsford and Vancouver locations. To claim a second bag, you’ll have to come back with your first bag full, and we’ll provide you with your second bag at that time. We appreciate your understanding in this process as we want to ensure as many people that need the bags have access to them.

Thanks for being a part of our recycling community, and please contact us if you have any questions.

To learn more about QuikCount and our official launch, follow this link!



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