Can I recycle Tim Hortons or Starbucks Coffee Cups?

British Columbians have a deep appreciation for coffee, often enjoying it on the go due to their busy lifestyle. Unfortunately, this convenience contributes significantly to litter and waste problems. Every week, thousands of paper coffee cups end up in garbage bins. The good news is coffee cups can be recycled! 

Start Recycling Coffee Cups in your Blue Bin!

In BC, single-use coffee cups, both for hot and cold beverages, fall under a province-wide recycling program managed by Recycle BC. Once these cups are empty and rinsed, they can be put in your blue bin for curbside recycling.

Lids Included, But Separate! Even the lids from these cups are included in the recycling program, though they must be separated from the cup itself.

Plastic straws are NOT included in this recycling program since they’re not considered to be packaging under the Recycling Regulation. They are garbage at this time.

Recycle them at a Participating Depot like Regional Recycling Nanaimo

It’s important to note that not all depots accept these items for recycling. However, there are numerous recycling depots across the province where you can drop off these cups and lids free of charge. For information on local recycling options, contact the RCBC Recycling Hotline.

Regional Recycling Nanaimo accepts single use drink cups for recycling. 

But… Regional Recycling Lower Mainland locations are NOT part of this program.