Where Can I Recycle Electronics In BC?

Regional Recycling Recycles Electronics For FREE!

You can recycle electronics for free at any Regional Recycling location. Visit our location page to find a convenient drop-off point. Regional Recycling has locations throughout the lower mainland of BC and on Vancouver Island. Our depots are conveniently located in Vancouver, Burnaby, Whistler, Nanaimo, Abbotsford, Richmond, and Cloverdale in Surrey. We accept a wide variety of electronics at all of our depots. If it has a battery, plugs-in, winds up, or is mostly made of metal, we can recycle it! You can recycle computers, cell phones, TVs, batteries, power tools, lightbulbs, smoke alarms, wires and cords, and even exercise equipment. Bring them down to the Regional Recycling Depot near you for safe handling and proper recycling.

Regional Recycling Depots accept a wide variety of residential items for recycling including providing full refund on your refundable beverage containers. Check the Regional Recycling website to learn more about what you can recycle.

Encorp Pacific (Return-It)

If you live outside the lower mainland and can’t find a Regional Recycling location near you try Encorp Pacific which operates Return-It electronics recycling programs across BC. They accept a wide range of electronic devices, including computers, TVs, printers, and small appliances. You can find a Return-It depot near you by using their location finder.

Best Buy

Best Buy stores in BC offer a recycling program for electronics, including cell phones, batteries, and other small electronics. You can drop off your items at participating stores. Check their website for details on accepted items and store locations.

London Drugs

London Drugs offers a Green Deal Program, which includes electronics recycling. They accept a variety of electronics, such as cameras, small appliances, and even power tools. Visit their website for more information on what they accept and store locations.

Municipal Recycling Programs

Many municipalities in BC offer electronics recycling through their waste management programs. Check with your local city or town hall or visit their website to find out about electronic recycling options in your area.

These resources should help you find convenient options for recycling your electronics in BC.