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Recycling Resolutions for 2023

How to earn more and protect the planet with these simple resolutions.


Nadine |

December 19, 2022

A new year means many of us will set resolutions. Such as eating healthier, saving more money, or seeing friends more. What about a resolution to help protect the planet? We ask that everyone sets at least one Recycling Resolution for 2023. Check out this list below and choose one for yourself.

Use reusable water bottles
Use reusable water bottles

Use a reusable water bottle

If you’re going to stick to this resolution, you’ll have to love your water bottle. Splurge for one that has the features you like, such as a flip-up lid, a handle, rubber grip. There are literally thousands to choose from. Keep an eye on Black Friday sales to find one that works for you. AND don’t beat yourself up if you end up buying a single-use water bottle; just be sure to recycle it at one of our depots or by using Depozip.


Bring your thermal coffee mug with you

Have you noticed the cup fee when you visit your favourite coffee shop? It’s at least $0.25 per beverage. However, you can skip this cost and protect the planet by bringing your thermal mug with you to the office and coffee shops.

No more single use plastics
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No more single-use plastics – such as straws, utensils, and cups

While this is a relatively simple resolution to follow on your own, it can be more challenging at social gatherings. If you notice an event you’re at using single-use plastics, be sure to put your items in the plastic recycling bin. Every bit helps!

Pack your lunch the sustainable way

Ditch the old brown bag lunch for a reusable lunch bag. Cloth grocery bags, mini coolers and old-school lunch boxes are all great options that can be reused for years. No need for plastic zip locks for your sandwich; use reusable Tupperware or glass containers to heat up your lunch.

Save more money by Recycling

Save more money by Recycling

All the other resolutions ask you to serve others and the planet. This one is just for you. Earn cash with every beverage container that you recycle. Visit to access your FastDrop and Depozip accounts, you can save your recycling earnings in your account. Earn money via full-sort recycling, FastDrop, or Depozip. Choose whatever is most convenient for you. No sorting, full sorting, drop off or pick up. It all puts cash in your pocket, and helping your community and the planet is just a happy by-product.

What are your resolutions for 2023?
Which recycling resolution will you add to your list?

Save more money by Recycling


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