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School Recycling Pick-up Program:
Turning Waste into Wealth for Your School

Earn Money for Your School
from Our Bottle Depots!


Nadine |

November 7, 2023

Does your school find itself buried under the weight of thousands of
recyclable beverage containers every month? Skip the hassle of trips to the bottle depot or the expense of hiring a company to handle them. Embrace a sustainable solution that not only helps the environment but also earns money for your school through our free recycling pick-up service.

School Recycling Pick up Program Turning Waste into Wealth
School Recycling Pick up Program Turning Waste into Wealth

Earn Money for Your School

For every recyclable container, your school will earn 8 cents.

Earn Extra Money for:

Sports Day
Field Trips
Hot Dog Day
Sports Programs
& More!

Contact us for more information!

Free Mega Bags supplied.

Each bag can hold over 1,000 aluminum cans!
Sign up your School and start earning this month.

Benefits of a school recycling program
Benefits of a school recycling program

Students Learn about the Benefits of Recycling

Students of all ages become educated on recycling practices and their positive impact on the environment. Each class or grade level can designate a recycling leader, fostering leadership skills and environmental stewardship. Some schools opt for a rotating system, ensuring all students experience the empowerment of leadership and environmental awareness.

Earn Funds to Help Your School Programs

Imagine what your school could achieve with an extra $5,000, $10,000, or even $20,000 each year! Larger schools have even seen earnings surpassing $50,000 through our School Recycling Program.

Collect recyclable beverage containers from classrooms, field trips, and students’ homes to boost fundraising efforts. Schools often utilize these funds to support music programs, purchase sports equipment, enhance educational field trips, or update school supplies.

Reduce Your School’s Carbon Footprint

Implementing a School Recycling Program significantly reduces your school’s carbon footprint. By consolidating recyclable beverage containers in Mega Bags, you not only increase recycling rates but also diminish the need for frequent trips to the bottle depot. The program instills a sense of environmental responsibility in your students.

Reduce Your Schools Carbon Footprint
Reduce Your Schools Carbon Footprint

Bottle Drives Driving Change

For schools looking to expedite fundraising efforts, coordinating bottle drives alongside the School Recycling Pick-up Program is an excellent option. This inclusive approach allows every student to participate in driving change within their community. Explore various bottle drive options offered by our bottle depots.

Sign Up for Our School Recycling Program Here

Make a sustainable impact while bolstering your school’s financial health. Sign up for our School Recycling Program today and transform waste into wealth for your educational institution. Together, let’s foster a culture of environmental responsibility and empower the leaders of tomorrow.



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