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Recycle Car Batteries For Cash!

Automotive, Lead Acid & Car Battery Disposal.

Did you know you can make money recycling your old lead-acid batteries? Why not put a little extra cash in your pocket this season.

* Earnings start at $8.50 and vary depending on weight. If you have 3 or more, please call (855) 701-7171 for a quote.

It pays to recycle. Come down to Regional Recycling, we're your one stop recycling shop.

* Not all locations purchase batteries. Look below to see participating locations.

Recycle Car Batteries for Cash

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How to recycle auto batteries safely?

Why should I recycle my batteries?

Pick A Car Battery Disposal Center Near You.

At Regional Recycling, we provide the best customer experience by operating modern, healthy and environmentally sound recycling facilities across British Columbia. Unlike most recycle centers, we pay for automotive, lead acid & car batteries. Pick a location near you.

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We recycle more than just lead-acid batteries!

Regional Recycling handles all your recycling needs. We’re your one stop recycling shop. Save time and gas by making 1 big trip. Recycle all these items FREE of charge.

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