Don’t Trash Your Old Electronics.

If it has a battery, plugs-in, winds up, or is mostly made of metal, we can recycle it! Bring them down to the Regional Recycling Depot for safe handling. This will help you to reduce your ecological footprint. Together we can save our natural resources.

FREE Electronics Recycling

Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling

E waste Recycling

Audio Visual Equipment

Small Kitchen Appliances

Electronic Gaming Devices

TV recycling

Flat Screen & TV Recycling

cell phone recycling

Recycle Your Phone & Mobile Devices

Power Tools

Recycle Light Bulbs

Light Bulbs

Computer Recycling Burnaby

Smoke & Co Alarms

Recycle Wires


Recycle Wires

Craft & Textile Equipment

Recycle exercise equipment

Exercise Equipment

Floor Care

Lighting Equipment

Grab your FREE Electronics Recycling Box

Electronic recycling near me

We created this box to help you recycle your electronics. Now there is one handy place to store all your small electronics in your home or office. Use this box instead of throwing your them in the trash.

Once your box is full, take it down to our sorting station located inside our depot. Sort your items into our Recycling Station once you’ve arrive at the Regional Recycling Depot.

Drop Off Your Electronics For Recycling


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