It takes a lot of energy to make aluminum. Recycling cans save as much as 95% of the energy it takes to make new ones from scratch, it is one of the most efficient materials to reuse and recycle.

Did you know an aluminum can is 100% recyclable? It only takes 3 months to go through life cycle. This makes it one of the most recyclable materials in use today.

How Are Aluminum Cans Recycled?

1. All of our Regional Recycling Bottle Depots accept cans for recycling. We also pay full deposit for all refundable beverage containers.

2. Our staff sorts and ships them to BDL and Encorp. They audit the amounts using a huge machine that counts 100s of cans per minute.

3. A crusher presses the loose cans down into a super dense square block in order to save as much space as possible.

4. After shredding the metal blocks into tiny pieces a further refining step removes any remaining contaminants.

5. A furnace heated to a whopping 750° Celsius produces molten aluminum from the shreded material.

6. They are poured into ingots and rolled into aluminum sheets.

7. Then finally, aluminum can makers use these sheets to make new cans.


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