Safely recycling household paint, pesticide, and flammable liquid stops pollution in our landfills and waterways. Regional Recycling and Regeneration collects and safely recycle over 2 million litres of these products every year. That’s more than enough to fill an entire Olympic swimming pool. These items can be very harmful to our environment if not disposed of properly.

So How Is Paint Recycled?

  1. We collect and recycle household paint, pesticides, and flammable liquids at all of our Regional Recycling centers.
  2. We ship these items to Product Care who sorts them by type.
  3. A large specialized machine is used to open many cans quickly.
  4. Good quality paint becomes new paint for resale through sorting and blending.
  5. Low-quality paint is used as a concrete additive and can be used in numerous applications like concrete blocks for retainer walls.
  6. Alkyd and aerosol paint are blended as fuel and used as an alternative energy source in facilities with high environmental controls.
  7. Pesticides are carefully sorted, consolidated, and safely disposed of.

Let’s work together to ensure these recyclable products don’t find their way into landfills and waterways.Remember: it’s best to only buy what you need, use what you buy, and then recycle the rest.

How Is Paint Recycled?

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