Customer Greeter

Job Title: Customer Greeter
Reports To: Operations Manager and Depot Supervisor

The Customer Greeter is Regional Recycling’s first point of contact with the customer when they drive through the gates. The Greeter welcomes the customer upon arrival, and answers questions about our processes and policies. This is a highly visible position that influences the customer’s experience of Regional Recycling and their decision to return.

Core Responsibilities:
● Provide excellent customer service.
● Greet customers upon their arrival, directing them to appropriate parking, and ensuring
they understand our processes and policies. Increase customer awareness of services
provided by Regional Recycling. Thanks customers at departure.
● Give assistance to customers as needed, bringing them a cart, providing bags and
stands, or carrying excess into the depot. May issue receipts for counted items in the
parking lot, increasing efficiency of Cashiers and Sorting staff in the Depot.
● Ensure carts and trays are clean and available, and safe to use. Clean indoor and
outdoor sorting tables after use. Maintain parking lot cleanliness and safety, alerting the
Manager of any issues that arise.
● May assist Cashier in counting carts if a backlog occurs.
● Full knowledge of all stewardship programs offered at the depot. Continuous training is
● All other duties as assigned.

Phase 3 Response Plan: Our depots have implemented health and safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.