Depot Sorter

Job Title: Depot Sorter
Reports To: Operations Manager/Depot Supervisor

The Depot Sorter will abide by all Regional Recycling Standard Operating Procedures. The Depot Sorter will adhere to all RIOS quality, environment, health and safety policies and regulations while being an active participant in the management system when necessary.

Core Responsibilities:
● Greet customers in order to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.
● Increase customer’s’ awareness of Regional Recycling services.
● Ensure and maintain accuracy for all counting and sorting of receivables.
● Ensure strict adherence to Regional Recycling purchasing policies and procedures.
● Adhere to Stewardship (BDL and Encorp) quality assurance packaging requirements.
● Must have a good understanding and knowledge of all stewardship programs to which
we belong.
● Operate tablet and process receivables – only if approved my management.
● Communicate any issues relating to safety, needed supplies or customer service to the
Depot Manager and/or Depot Supervisor immediately.
● Secure company assets (equipment, etc.).
● Conduct daily, weekly, monthly and other scheduled and unscheduled equipment
inspections and maintenance as required by the company and/or governmental
● Maintain a safe and hazard free work environment at all times.
● Work to ensure a team environment.
● All other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:
● Good communication skills.
● Superior focus on customer service.
● Excellent ability to reason, count and efficiently sort through various materials.
● Work activities may include maneuvering or navigating mechanized equipment,
dependent on certifications.

Phase 3 Response Plan: Our depots have implemented health and safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.