Scrap Metal Buyer

Job Title: Metal Buyer
Reports To: Senior Metal Buyer

The Metal Buyer is responsible for purchasing, processing and shipping of non-ferrous scrap metals and other Stewardship Programs offered at the depot, offering excellent customer service, and following all RIOS quality, environmental and safety policies.

Core Responsibilities:
● Provide excellent customer service.
● Follow Standard Operating Procedures for metal purchases in compliance with
regulations outlined in BC’s Metal Dealers and Recyclers Act. Quality control is to be
maintained with correct grading and acceptable profit margins.
● Keep a Scrap Customer Log Book, with contact information and price quotes. Explore
opportunities for new business, keeping records of contacts.
● Full knowledge of all stewardship programs offered at the depot. Continuous training is
● Follow Standard Operating Procedures for shipping and receiving of all stewardship
program materials in the warehouse area, including accurate documentation. Ensure
materials are stacked, moved and stored in a safe manner. Maintain a clean, safe and
hazard-free environment at all times.
● Conduct daily, weekly, monthly and other equipment inspections and maintenance as
scheduled or required, ensuring security of company assets.
● All other duties as assigned.

Phase 3 Response Plan: Our depots have implemented health and safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.