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No Sort Bottle Drives Regional Recycling
PARTICIPATING DEPOTS:   Vancouver | Richmond | Abbotsford | Cloverdale | Burnaby | Whistler

Bottle drives have become faster and easier.

Want to earn money and raise funds for your community? Start a drive with Regional Recycling We are offering 3 options for your team to fundraise safely and quickly.

1) No Sort Bottle Drive:

The fastest & safest method for a fundraiser. Skip the sorting and allow us to pick up and sort your containers.

  • Earn a 5% bonus on the total amount of each pickup *
  • Book your date and time for the pickup, and we provide the supplies at no charge.
  • We will send funds to your account within 10 days after we receive your containers at our depot via electronic payment. **
  • To offset the cost of no-sorting, there will be a 2-cent deposit reduction per container.

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2) Fast Drop Fundraiser:

Simply bring your containers Regional Recycling and drop off unsorted for a full refund.

  • Once your account is created, your supporters can drop-off their unsorted containers at any location and it will be deposited into your account.
  • We will keep a running tally for all your fundraising drop-offs and pick-ups, and pay your organization on a weekly basis via electronic payment. **

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3) Full Sort Bottle Drive: ***

Our traditional bottle drive method. Earn the most by sorting your containers and booking a pick-up.

  • We pay full refunds on all containers and offer a 5% bonus *
  • We’ll provide full payment for your containers collected within 1 week.
  • Book your date and time for the pickup, and we provide the supplies beforehand.
  • Have a COVID-safe drive by ensuring that there’s a small group of participants with the sorting stations at least 6 feet apart and have Personal Protection and sanitization readily available.

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Our Largest Bottle Drives Of The Year raise Over $5000


    Interested in:*

    Pickup Date & Time (Pickup Only)

    (Please email with the above information if you receive an error when submitting the form.)

    Fundraising Opportunities in BC with Bottle Drive

    * Must be over $500 per pickup to qualify for the 5% bonus.
    ** Minimum $25 per electronic payment transaction. 
    *** This is the only program that our Nanaimo depots currently offer. Nanaimo does not pay the 5% bonus.