School Recycling Program Regional Recycling
School Recycling Program Regional Recycling

School Recycling Pick-up Program

Earn money for your school from our Bottle Depots!

Does your school generate 1000s of recyclable beverage containers each month? Skip trips to the bottle depot or paying for a company to take them away. Earn money for your school with our convenient recycling pick-up service.

For every recyclable container, your school will earn 8 cents.


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    Benefits of school recycling program
    Benefits of school recycling program

    Students learn about the benefits of recycling

    Students of all ages will learn about how to recycle and the benefits to the environment. Each class or grade level can have a recycling leader who helps collect the recyclable beverage containers and educate others about how to sort recycling. Some schools even choose a new student each week so that all students get to experience the empowerment of leadership and environmental stewardship.

    Reduce your School’s Carbon Footprint

    Your school can reduce their carbon footprint by recycling all beverage containers with this School Recycling Program. You will be increasing your recycling, reducing the number of trips to the bottle depot due to the Mega Bags, and your students will learn to be environmental stewards.

    Reduce your School Carbon Footprint

    Earn funds to help your school programs

    What could your school do with an extra $5000, $10,000 or even $20,000 each year?! We have even seen some larger schools earn over $50,000 with the school recycling program.

    Many schools use these funds to support their music programs, buy more sports equipment, increase educational field trips, or update school supplies as needed.

    Collect all recyclable beverage containers from your classrooms and field trips; students can bring theirs from home to add to the fundraising!

    Bottle Drives Driving Change

    Some schools even coordinate bottle drives in addition to the School Recycling Pick-up Program. This is a great option for when you need to increase fundraising efforts quickly and gives all students an opportunity to be involved. Our bottle depots offer a few bottle drive options. Follow this link to learn more.

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