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School Recycling Pickup Program

Schools end up rushing to start their school recycling pickup programs. Usually, the decision to start is a reaction to a fundraising need or an environmental statement.

New teachers, parents, student groups, and administrators scramble to research and contact various organizations to set up recycling programs.

Too many schools get left behind and don’t end up with a sustainable solution for recycling programs. Without fail, this happens every fall.

Why work with us?

School Recycling Pickup Program Contest

$2000 to be won with Regional Recycling’s School Contest.

Your school could win! $2000 in cash prizes to be won! 2 Prizes of $1000 for schools with largest volumes per student. Sign up your school today to enter them into the draw.

Encorps Story Contest

$7,500 in cash prizes to be won through Encorp's Story Contest.

Share your school’s great recycling story with us and you could win amazing prizes. Winners are judged on how interesting, creative and impactful their stories are! 1st Prize is $5,000 and 2nd Prize is $2,500 Sign up your school up today to enter them into the draw.

Full deposit school recycling program


Unlike most bottle depots we pay full deposit on all beverage containers. A cheque will be delivered to your school monthly. On average your school can earn an extra $600 - $850 per year.

Recycling education


Regional Recycling can provide educational opportunities to students. This includes interactive recycling presentations, learning materials, recycling depot tours, and more.

Trusted Recycling Partner

Trusted Partner

With 8 locations we’re leaders in our field. Regional Recycling is one of the largest collectors of refundable beverage containers in BC. You can rely on us to get the job done right.

Bottle Drive Fundraising

Fundraising Opportunities

Need to raise funds quickly? Bottle drives are one of the most successful ways to fundraise for youth groups and sports teams. Click here to learn more about how to do a bottle drive & raise some extra cash.