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Vancouver Recycling Depot Hours

MAIN DEPOT: 7:30AM - 6:00PM | 7 Days a Week
SECONDARY DEPOT: 7:30AM - 6:00PM | 7 Days a Week

CLOSED July 15 - 22, 2024

Use Vancouver Zero Waste Centre

8588 Yukon St, Vancouver, BC V5X 2Y9

STAT HOLIDAYS: 11am – 4pm
7:30AM - 3PM (Main Depot)
CLOSED: Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day

Regional Recycling Vancouver

960 Evans Avenue
BC V6A 2L2


We offer the following recycling
services to our community

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Full Returns for your Recyclable Containers

Welcome to our Vancouver recycling depot. We accept all containers in the BC Universal Recycling Return Program. This means you can earn 10 cents per container on all of these recyclable beverage containers: Aluminum Cans, Plastic, Gable Top, Drink Boxes, Glasses, BI-Metal, Pouches, Bag-in-a-Box, Liquor Plastic, Liquor Glasses, Beer Bottles, and Kegs.

Milk containers are now included in this program. Be sure to review our blog, “Can I recycle this container?” for more details about the items you can recycle.

Milk containers are now worth 10 cents each

Every container counts. Whether you collect your own returns or donate to a charity, your hard work is helping to protect the planet for generations to come. We are proud to have been able to collect $100s and $1000s worth of returns to donate to our Charity of the Month partners. The selected charities are most often local and improve the lives of children in BC. We also support local teams and clubs.

Not sure if we can recycle your item?
Review of our list of Drop-Off items.

Scrap Metal

Earn cash by recycling your scrap metals

We pay you for your recyclable metals and metal materials. This includes Non-ferrous metals that contain NO steel or iron. These include copper, brass, stainless steel, insulated wire, aluminum and zinc. If you’d like to recycle steel metals, we can accept them for free.

Whether you’re renovating, downsizing, or finally cleaning out the garage, your recyclable metals can put cash in your pocket. We pay for a variety of metals and metal materials. Skip the dump and recycle your old BBQ lids, bikes, pots and pans, copper pipes and more!

The average scrap metal return is $100!

Our largest clients have earned $5000 in one visit.

Here’s how you can earn money with your scrap metals

Present a form of valid ID. This can include a BC ID, Driver’s Licence, or Passport.

Bring your scrap metals to our Vancouver Recycling Depot and
let a staff member know that you are here.

We pay for Non-Ferrous Metals

Copper Recycling

Copper-insulated wires, copper pipes, TV cables, wires, coins, sculptures, jewelry, musical instruments, cookware and more.

Aluminum Recycling

Aluminum wire, aluminum foil, car radiators, car rims and parts, bicycle frames, aluminum siding, pots and pans, window frames (no glass), aluminum gutters, single-use pie & cooking pans, HVAC materials, and clippings, borings, and other manufacturing scraps.

Brass Recycling

Brass sculptures, plumbing fitting valves, door fittings, bullet shells (no live ammunition), taps & faucets, drum symbols, locks and keys, hardware and tools, radiators, and other housewares and toys.

Stainless Steel Recycling

Stainless steel sinks, pots and pans, cutlery, BBQ lids, hardware, nuts & bolts, Marine Hardware, Insulated Gas Lines, jewellery and many other items made from stainless steel.

Zinc Recycling

Zinc is mainly found in household fixtures and construction materials when combined with brass and other metals. The recycling process requires separating the metals.

This includes zinc products such as ​​metal roofing, make high-quality alloys, kitchen & bath fixtures, some ultra-thin batteries, and even some toys.

Lead Recycling

Fishing weights, cable sheaths, printing metals, car parts, appliances, manufacturing scraps, old toys, antique furniture, HVAC and other materials.

Scrap metal recycling prices regularly fluctuate
Please visit our depot and speak with our scrap metal experts for pricing.


We accept a wide range of electronics for free recycling. Skip the dump fees and bring us your old and broken electronics.

The electronics that we can accept include Computers, Audio Visual Equipment, Small Kitchen Appliances, Electronic Gaming Devices, Flat Screen & TV Recycling, Phones & Mobile Devices, Battery Recycling, Power Tools, Light Bulbs, Smoke & Co Alarms, Wires, Craft & Textile Equipment, Exercise Equipment, Floor Care, Lighting Equipment and others.

Free Small

The Vancouver Recycling depot accepts small and large appliances.

We help residents and businesses of the Fraser Valley recycle their appliances for free.

At this location, we can recycle the following appliances for free: Water Coolers, Coffee Machines, Deep Fryers, Desk Fans, Egg Beaters, Espresso Machines, Hot Plates, Mixers, Rice Cookers, Toasters, Toaster Ovens/Microwaves, and Blenders and more.

Free Large

If your old residential large appliances need to be disposed of, we can accept them at our depot. Skip the dumping fee and bring us your large residential appliances free of charge.

we accept the following: Dishwashers, Stoves, Fridges, Heat Pumps, Hot Water Tanks, Laundry Dryers, Washing Machines, Furnaces/Heaters and some other appliances. Some conditions apply

Commercial Large

We can accept large commercial appliances for a fee of $25 each. This covers the cost of dismantling and safely disposing of the coolant materials.

This includes walk-in coolers, walk-in fridges, and air conditioners. These are the only large commercial appliances that we accept at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

Free Metal Residential Packaging

Recycle containers from your household products such as hair spray, food packages, and more. We do NOT accept containers for lubricants, motor oil, propane cylinders, tanks, or bottles, Vehicle lubricants, or antifreeze.

Our Vancouver depot accepts aerosol containers, metal cans, aluminum foil and trays, metal lids, metal baking containers, yogurt lids, lasagna trays, and more.

Free Paint, Pesticide, and Fuel Recycling

We can only accept consumer products, not commercial or industrial ones. Next time you are renovating your home or working on your yard, see which items you can recycle.

We accept paint, fuel, flammable liquids, paint thinners, and pesticides. Think of what you can recycle next time you renovate.

While we tried to include complete lists of recyclable materials, there are some terms that may not be listed here.

If you would like to know whether your items can be recycled please contact us at

Thank you!

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Was awesome, very nice to let us use their toilet. Most bottle depots close their washrooms. They also have warm water. Other bottle depots shut off their hot water. Nice to wash our hands with warm water.
Regional Recycling is the best recycling center. This location is not my favorite, but they give full deposit unlike some other bottle depots.
One of my go to places to return my empty bottles, cans, milk products. Always a hassle free and easy experience. Keep up the great work.