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Electronics Recycling

Don't throw away your old electronics, recycle them for FREE! Minimize your ecological footprint this year and help save the environment. Recycling provides raw materials that will be reused in the manufacturing process. We recycle ALL types of old electronics including computers, appliances and old media like CD’s, DVD's & VHS tapes. Come down to Regional Recycling - Your one stop recycling shop.

Welcome to your easy E-waste solution

If it has a battery, plugs-in, winds up, or is mostly made of metal, we can recycle it! Bring them down for safe handling. If your item still works and could be used again, but you're just looking to get rid of it, we highly recommend donating it to your favourite charity or community group like Free Geek Vancouver.

Drop off your recyclables at one of our 8 convenient locations.

FREE Electronics Recycling

Grab your free recycling box

Pick one up at any Regional Recycling Location.

We created this box to help you recycle your end-of-life small electronic items. It’s great for the home and office. Now there is one handy place to store all your small electronics until its convenient for you to recycle them. Once you arrive at our depot, sort your items into our new Recycling Station. Use this box instead of disposing your recyclables in the garbage. Once your box is full bring it down to our Small Electronics Sorting Stations. Learn more by watching our video below.

Electronics Recycling Box