If it has a cord, plugs in, winds up, has a battery, or is mostly made out of metal, we can recycle it! We don’t want these old electronics piling up in landfills or being illegally exported creating environmental issues somewhere else. Ensuring this doesn’t happen tomorrow starts with how we recycle our electronics today.

How Are Electronics Recycled?

  1. In addition to bottles and cans, we also recycle electronics at all of our depots.
  2. Regional Recycling sorts electronics and stacks them onto skids for safe transport to a recycling facility.
  3. Workers at the recycling plant break the electronics apart into different components by hand.
  4. All elements are broken down into raw materials like glass, plastic and precious metals like aluminum and gold.
  5. Substances of concern like mercury and lead are handled responsibly to protect workers and the environment.
  6. Hazardous cathode ray tubes from older CRT screens has the phosphorus coating removed before and being recycled.
  7. The electronic waste is put through a huge shredding machine before going through a separation process.
  8. Metals are melted down and refined to improve their quality.
  9. These commodities are send back to the manufacture chain where they’re made into a wide variety of new products.
How Electronics Are Recycled?

Did you know the following electronic items are hazardous waste if not recycled properly?


  • TVs and computer monitors that contain cathode ray tubes
  • LCD desktop monitors,
  • LCD televisions,
  • Plasma TVs,
  • Portable DVD players with LCD screens.

We ensure that your end of life electronics are handled in an environmentally safe way. Keeping over 100,000 pounds of electronics out of our landfills every year. To put that into perspective, that’s about the weight of 20,000 elephants.

When you recycle, you’re helping to recover valuable resources that can be put back into the manufacture chain. It’s impossible to image a world today without electronics. Together we can also make sure it’s impossible to imagine a world where piles of old electronics are sitting in landfills and harming out environment.

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