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Cloverdale Bottle Depot

Cloverdale Recycling Depot Hours

OPEN: 7 Days a Week 9am - 5:30pm
STAT HOLIDAYS: 11am – 4pm
CLOSED: Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day
ADDRESS: 5534 - 176th Street Surrey, BC V3S 4C3
PHONE: 1-855-701-7171

5 Star Recycling Center:

Cloverdale Recycling Depot Hours Full Deposit Bottle Return
Cash For Scrap
Recycle Electronics for FREE
Clean Family Friendly Depot

Cloverdale Bottle Depot

Cloverdale Recycling Depot Hours

5 Star Recycling Center:

Full Deposit Bottle Return
Cash For Scrap
Recycle Electronics for FREE
Clean Family Friendly Depot

Bottle Depot - Full Deposit On Your Returns

One Unified Deposit

Do you know all of the different types of beverage containers that have a deposit refund in BC?

Many people are unaware of all of the container types they can recycle for a refund. Please check our ‘Can I recycle this container?’ article to learn more about the beverage containers you can recycle for a refund.

Please Note: While we do recycle them, no deposit is paid for milk items so we’re unable to provide a refund.

Did you know that it takes 3.8 barrels worth of oil to produce one tonne of plastic? Or that aluminum cans can be melted down and reformed to be another can, reducing energy consumption by 95%?

By simply recycling your bottles and cans, you can conserve energy, reduce air and water pollution, and cut down greenhouse gas emissions. Our Regional Recycling Depot in Surrey has the expertise and machinery to properly recycle your bottles and cans to be reused for new products. Together, we can create a healthier and more sustainable environment.

Drop by our Surrey location to have your bottles and cans carefully sorted and handled.

We Buy Scrap Metal!

We Buy Scrap Metal! At Regional Recycling, we’re more than just your average bottle depot. We’ll purchase your non-ferrous metals for cash. Non-ferrous is the type of metal that contains NO steel or iron. These include copper, brass, stainless steel, insulated wire, aluminum and zinc. We recycle all ferrous (magnetic) metals like steel for free. 

Free Electronics Recycling

We also recycle ALL types of Electronics for FREE! If it has a battery, plugs-in, winds up, or is mostly made of metal, we can recycle it!


Computer Recycling Burnaby


Computer Recycling Burnaby


Computer Recycling Burnaby

Audio Visual

Computer Recycling Burnaby

TVs & Flatscreens

Computer Recycling Burnaby

Light Bulbs

Computer Recycling Burnaby

Floor Care

Computer Recycling Burnaby

Tools & Equipment

Computer Recycling Burnaby

Smoke & Co Alarms

Computer Recycling Burnaby

Craft & Art, Devices

Computer Recycling Burnaby

Gaming Devices

Computer Recycling Burnaby


Computer Recycling Burnaby


Computer Recycling Burnaby

Small Appliances

Computer Recycling Burnaby

Mobile Devices

Computer Recycling Burnaby

Lighting Equipment

Computer Recycling Burnaby

Personal Care

FREE Paint, Pesticides & Fuel Recycling

Recycle Paint


Recycle Fuel


Recycle Flammable Liquids

Flammable Liquids

Recycle Paint Thinner

Paint Thinner

Recycle Pesticides


* Consumer products only. No industrial or specialty products.
Get detailed information about the kind of products we accept in this category.


Paper & Cardboard Recycling

Computer Recycling Burnaby


Computer Recycling Burnaby

Books & Magazines

Computer Recycling Burnaby

Cardboard *

Computer Recycling Burnaby

Mixed Paper

* New Rules For Cardboard Recycling

Due to the volatility of the markets, we have to charge our customers to recycle cardboard.

Residential: Free up to 1 yard. Anything over will incur a fee of $5 / yard.
EXAMPLE: 3 yards = $10

Commercial: Will incur a fee of $5 per yard, regardless of quantity.
EXAMPLE: 3 yards = $15

Metal Residential Packaging

Most metal packaging can be collected curbside or can be taken to our depot for recycling. All depots except Burnaby will accept metal containers. We only accept residential quantities. We also take plastic bags & plastic overwrap. For more information go to


NO Pails for lubricants or oils, Propane cylinders, tanks or bottles NO Containers for motor oil, vehicle lubricant or antifreeze products. MUST BE CLEAN! Food waste smells & creates mold

Recycle Metal Cans

Metal Cans

Recycle Aerosol  Cans

Aerosol Cans

Recycle Aluminum  Foil & Trays

Aluminum Foil & Trays

Recycle Metal  Lids

Metal Lids

We Love Our Customers – See Our Reviews

Willy DuGray

Convenient and accept a large variety of recyclables. – Willy DuGray

Mike Mclean

Easy convenient friendly staff.  Great place to recycle. – Mike Mclean

Justin N

Fantastic location to offload those recyclables!

They take everything your blue curbside bin will not with the exception of non-jar glass. That means if you break your favorite beer glass it has to go somewhere else.

Also super handy for returning deposited containers from Costco as no other store seems to take them. – Justin N

Nicole Caley

Quick and accurate staff members, plenty of carts and flats as well as parking and space to work. Never too busy either. – Nicole Caley

GS Plane Spotter

Always friendly and efficient and clean. – GS Plane Spotter