Commercial Recycling Pick-up

Earn $$$ for your company just by recycling.

Skip the Bottle Depot with Convenient Commercial Recycling Pick-up of Refundable Beverage Containers.

Regional Recycling Bottle Depots offer a seamless and eco-friendly solution with our Commercial Recycling pick-up service. Place all your recyclable beverage containers into one bag, and we’ll take care of the rest. We supply Mega Bags for free. Each mega-bag can store hundreds of containers!

How it Works:

  • Register as a Commercial Recycling Client by
    filling out this form.
  • We drop off a Free Mega Bag to your company.
  • Your team puts all their recyclable containers in one bag
    and fills the Mega Bag.
  • We pick-up, sort, and send you the refund for your containers.
  • We pay 8 cents per recyclable container with this free pick-up service included!

Inquire About Commercial Pickups

*Minimum Quantities Apply

    What’s a Mega Bag?

    We provide our commercial customers with large vinyl bags that are sturdy and easy to clean, called Mega Bags. These bags can store large quantities of recyclable containers and are simple to clean and store.

    How big is a Mega Bag?

    Big! Your team can store 1680 aluminum pop cans, 1200 1L (Litre) plastic bottles, or 4000 juice boxes. No need to pick-up every few days. Now, you can schedule bi-monthly or even monthly pick-ups. We require a minimum quantity of 4 totes or 1 Mega Bag to schedule a pick-up.

    Who uses these free Commercial
    Recycling Pick-Up Services?

    We offer our services to any lower mainland company that creates large quantities of empties. This includes bars, restaurants, or companies with large teams of 200 people or more.

    Not sure if this service is a good fit for your company?

    Complete this inquiry form, and one of our team members will be in touch to answer all your questions.

    Recycling Pick-up for Bars

    Recycling Pick-up for Restaurants

    Recycling Pick-up for Companies

    Convenient Recycling Services that Pay You!

    Earn money from your recyclable containers. No more sorting your containers. No more trips to the bottle depot.