Upcycling Ideas for the holidays.

Turning Trash into Treasure

How Recycling Can Boost Your Holiday Savings


Nadine |

December 9, 2023
The holiday season, synonymous with joy and celebration, can also bring about financial strain. However, there’s a hidden opportunity to ease the pressure and add some extra cash to your pockets. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can turn recycling into a lucrative venture, helping you save up for the holidays.
Cash for Beverage Containers
Turning Trash into Treasure

Cash for Beverage Containers:

Earn While You Recycle: One of the simplest and most direct ways to make money through recycling is by collecting beverage containers. For every recyclable beverage container you return to the depot, you can earn 10 cents. This includes everything from soda cans to juice boxes. Follow this link to learn more about which containers are accepted and what you can earn.

Boost Your Earnings: Maximize your earnings by expanding your collection efforts. Offer to take care of recyclables after events like friend’s parties or gatherings at your workplace. Inform your neighbours about your initiative, offering to collect their bottles as well.

Scrap Metal Bonanza
Scrap Metal Bonanza

Scrap Metal Bonanza:

Explore Your Home: Take a tour of your house, paying special attention to your kitchen, garage, and tool shed—Unearth old metal items such as bikes, copper pans, or unused tools that are gathering dust. Certain metals can be recycled, putting money directly into your pocket.

Turn Clutter into Cash: Rather than letting unused metal items rust away, turn them into cash by recycling them. Visit our scrap metal page to discover more about the types of metal that can be recycled for profit.

Recycling Batteries

Cash for Old Batteries: Your old vehicle batteries, whether from cars, boats, or ATVs, can be a source of income. Besides the financial gain, recycling these batteries is a crucial step toward environmental preservation. Learn more here.

Protect the Environment and Your Wallet: Bring your old batteries to one of our bottle depot locations to earn a cash return. Each battery that you recycle keeps dangerous toxins out of our landfills and water systems. *Not all locations accept batteries; please check whether they’re accepted at the bottle depot near you by using this link.

Explore Further Opportunities:

Uncover Hidden Treasures: Beyond containers, scrap metal, and batteries, there are numerous other opportunities to turn your recycling efforts into cash. Stay informed about local recycling programs, bottle drives, and commercial recycling programs by signing up for our newsletter. The link can be found in our website’s footer.

This holiday season can be an exciting opportunity to boost your savings. From earning 10 cents for every beverage container to turning scrap metal and old batteries into cash, recycling provides a tangible and eco-friendly way to generate extra income.



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