Upcycling Ideas for the holidays.

Upcycling Ideas for the holidays.

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November 23, 2023

With the winter holidays approaching quickly, it’s time to think about how to reduce our waste this season. An affordable and easy way to reduce waste is to use upcycled items when decorating and wrapping gifts.

Here are 10 Tips to get you in the festive mood while staying eco-conscious:

10 Tips festive mood while staying eco conscious
10 Tips festive mood while staying eco conscious

1) Repurposed Decorations:

Give new life to old decorations or items. Turn last year’s wreath into a festive table centerpiece, trans form worn-out ornaments into unique gift tags, or use old bobbles to fill vases. There’s no wrong way to upcycle decorations.

2) Sweater Pillows:

Upcycle old sweaters into cozy, holiday-themed pillows. Simply cover existing pillows or create new ones using the sweater fabric. It adds a touch of warmth and reduces textile waste. You can use your sewing skill if you have them, or don’t hesitate to dress the pillow in the sweater and ties the sleeves in a festive bow. 

3) DIY Advent Calendar:

Craft your own advent calendar using recycled materials. Use small jars, cloth pouches, or egg cartons to create compartments for daily surprises. Whichever recyclable beverage containers that you don’t use can be recycled in one of our bottle depots or picked up with Depozip.

4) Vintage Gift Wrap:

Instead of buying new wrapping paper, consider using vintage maps, old calendars, or newspaper comics for a unique and eco-friendly touch. Top it off with reusable fabric ribbons or twine.

5) Natural Decor Elements:

Collect pinecones, branches, and dried leaves to create beautiful, natural decorations. Remember to avoid glitter and shiny decor items as they are not recyclable or compostable.

Wine Cork Ornaments
Wine Cork Ornaments

6) Wine Cork Ornaments:

Save those wine corks and turn them into charming ornaments. Paint or decorate them to match your holiday theme, and attach a loop of twine for hanging. And don’t forget to recycle those wine bottles along the way! Find one of our bottle depot locations near you.

7) Homemade Potpourri:

Collect citrus peels, cinnamon sticks, and dried fruit. Combine these items with spices like cloves and star anise to create your fragrant potpourri. It not only smells wonderful but also reduces food waste.

8) Repurposed Gift Bags:

Save gift bags from previous years and give them new life. You can cover old logos or messages with festive cut outs, ribbons, or even create a personalized touch with hand-drawn designs. This is a great craft to get your little ones involved in.

9) Candle Jar Centerpieces:

Repurpose glass jars from candles to create beautiful centrepieces. Add some winter elements like pine cones, holly, or small ornaments, and place a tea light inside for a cozy glow. Remember to use battery-powered candles when they are near any other materials.

10) Upcycled Gift Tags:

Use old greeting cards or cardboard packaging to create unique gift tags. Cut out festive shapes, punch a hole, and attach them with twine or ribbon. It’s a creative way to reduce paper waste.

What other tips can you think of? Please share them with us on social media so everyone can benefit.

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